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Kellogg Printing Company, Inc. has been on the Public Square, Monmouth IL, since 1924.  Charles Kellogg became part of the building in 1926 as the foreman of the Review Atlas Printing Co and stayed in the business until the 1960’s. Buster Kellogg, Sr. followed in his father’s footsteps and began working in the printing business in the 1940’s, buying the printing company in 1955 and continued until he retired in 2002.

Buster L Kellogg Jr. began working with his father in the plant back in June 1, 1960, beginning the important role of sweeping the floor, to relieving the role his father had for so many years. Buster Kellogg Jr., now President of Kellogg Printing Co with so many years of experience in printing brings more than just credibility to your projects.

Kellogg Printing Co is a full-service commercial printer serving local and nationwide clients. We continue to grow with new technology and with new equipment. We deliver the highest quality print products and services. We are able to serve our many clients of creative agencies, corporate marketing groups, non-profit and more. Our years of printing has gained us the reputation of high quality and dedicated service. The relationship with our customers is what has made us successful for over the 75 years.

We are proud of our reputation we have built in our community. It’s the personal interest that sets us apart from the rest of the printers. We have only your best interest in mind for each piece you have trusted us with. We will do what it takes to make it the best ever.